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Our Staff


Dr. Bayliff


Dr. Bayliff was born in Wichita, but grew up in Viola, KS. He started college chasing a Mechanical Engineering degree, but decided he needed to do more, and found his way to Veterinary Medicine! (We are so happy this happened!) Dr. B worked at ECVH as a Kennel Tech while obtaining his Biology degree at Wichita State. From there, he went to K-State to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2000. Dr. Bayliff worked in Arkansas for a bit after graduation, but he knew he needed to move his family home to the Wichita Area. So, he came back to Wichita and purchased ECVH in 2005!

Dr. B is married to his wife, Angie, and together they have 4 boys, 2 pups, and 2 kitties. When he gets a little free time (not very often!), he loves spending time with his wife and kids, and occasionally working on cars.

Aleigh Strickland


Aleigh was born in Kansas, but spent many years in Tucson, AZ before returning home. She originally planned to become a teacher, but her love for animals soon led her to Veterinary Medicine.

Aleigh started at ECVH in 2016 as a Veterinary Assistant while finishing her AAS degree in Veterinary Technology. She is now a Registered Veterinary Technician and Office Manager at ECVH. Aleigh has now returned to school to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology with a focus in Practice Management. Her favorite parts of Vet Med are Anesthesia/Pain Management and specialized patient care.

She is married to her husband, Zachary, and together they have 12 furkids. They enjoy dog friendly activities, and fostering animals in need through a local rescue.

Tami Rauh


Tami was born and raised in Wichita! She started out teaching for 8 years, but soon realized animals were her calling, and she was so right! Tami has been with ECVH since 2005 when she started as an assistant and worked her way through school to become an RVT. She travelled to Oklahoma State University daily for 2 years to earn her degree.

Tami makes the best connections with her patients and really takes pride in treating them like her own. She has a special interest in veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy. Tami is married to her husband, Russell, and together they have quite the furry family – 5 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 guinea pig! She teaches Sunday school, loves bike riding with her husband, and together they do all the dog activities one could think of!

Scarlett De Leon


Scarlett was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico! Her family moved to Wichita when she was 6 years old, and she has been here since. Scarlett attended Butler Community College while figuring out her true calling. She obtained an associates degree in Liberal Arts, but soon found her way to Veterinary Medicine. She graduated in the first class from WATC’s Veterinary Technology program and joined ECVH for the internship part of her program. We decided we could not let her go, and she hopped aboard as an assistant in 2018 while finishing her degree and getting licensed. She is now an RVT who adores her patients and loves phlebotomy!

Scarlett is married to her husband, Omar, and together they have 5 kids- 1 human, 3 huskies, and one three-legged kitty. She loves spending her downtime with family, catching up on her shows, and NAPS!

Haley Galbraith


Haley was born in Tennessee, but moved to Wichita as a young child. She joined our team in 2020 as a Veterinary Assistant while she finished school to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Haley is a lover of all animals, but her heart beats for reptiles and other exotic pets! She has one dog, and combination of about 15 reptiles, spiders, and amphibians. Haley loves spending time with her animals and playing video games in her down time.

Caycie Ligon


Caycie was born and raised in Grove, OK before she moved to Haysville in 2020. She has always felt a calling to veterinary medicine and is now attending the Veterinary Technology program at Penn Foster. In a few short years, she will be our next RVT! Caycie is married to her husband Tyson, and together they have one little boy, Bodhi. They also have 4 rescue animals: 2 dogs and 2 kitties! In her spare time, Caycie enjoys reading, pottery, and all things horror movies!



Gamora was picked up from the animal shelter when she was VERY pregnant and VERY naked! She lived with Aleigh for quite some time, where she had her babies and raised them to be little Guardians of the Galaxy. Once they were grown, it was time for Gamama to find her forever home. Turns out her ship was headed straight to the ECVH Galaxy! She landed gracefully and has since taken over as our ruler.

Buddy Boy


Buddy is our longest ECVH employee! He was found on the doorstep in 2004 as a tiny kitten in a Bud Light box. He was barely 2 pounds and needed lots of care. It was clear he was supposed to stay, and little Bud Light became the clinic kitty! We have had a few other kitties join us over the years, but Buddy has always been our “mascot.” He’s an old man now, so he lounges in the back on one of his countless beds and comes “meowing” around for every meal like clockwork! His sweet little face is the highlight of our days.