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Canine Semen Freezing


We are proud to be a Zoetis Freezing Center.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding canine semen freezing:


Why should I freeze my dog's semen?

Long Term Storage: To ensure breeding availability for future generations, you should have his semen frozen if your stud has qualities which are valuable.

For Breeding When the Stud is Not Available: Live breeding can be limited by the stud's show or trial schedule, overbooking for the stud's service or other scheduling conflicts.  The use of frozen semen allows availability during the bitch's fertile time.

Long-Distance and International Breeding: Long-distance breeding may be accomplished using semen which has been either fresh-extended or frozen and eliminates the need to transport the bitch or stud dog.


How is semen collected?

Semen is collected from the stud dog by manual stimulation; the different parts or fractions of the ejaculation are collected separately, so that good quality sperm-rich semen is frozen and stored. In general, semen of better quality with higher sperm count is collected when the dog's libido is high.  Therefore, try to closely approximate a typical breeding situation for each stud: owners are encouraged to provide a bitch in season to use as a "teaser".  In addition, if the dog associates a particular item with breeding, such as a rug, table, breeding rack, etc., that item should be brought to the collections.


What kind of paper work is needed to collect my stud?

  • A copy of the stud's individual registration papers.
  • Positive identification such as a tattoo or microchip. 
  • Completed freezing paperwork: Synbiotics Storage Contract, Telephone Release Form, Record of Collection Ownership. These forms can be accessed on our website under Forms. 
  • A copy of the DNA Profile for your dog (which is required by AKC).  If you do not have a DNA Profile on you dog, ECVH will submit a cheek swab sample to the AKC so such a profile can be generated.  


What does it cost to freeze semen?

Semen freezing is a multi-step process utilizing a variety of equipment and materials.  Please see the Semen Freezing Cost Sheet in the forms section of our website for detailed information.


How do I set up an appointment for Semen Freezing?

After reviewing the Semen Freezing Cost Sheet, please print and complete the forms indicated in number 3 above (they can be found in the forms section of the website).  Once you have reviewed the information and filled out the forms, please call us at 316-686-7418 to set up an appointment.  The receptionist will take your information and Dr. Bayliff will return your call.  He will then discuss the process and set up the appointment with you.

Please feel free to visit Zoetis for further information on canine semen freezing or call us at 316-686-7418