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Canine Neonatal Care


Puppies require a large amount of nursing care by the dam and the owner for the most successful outcomes.  If the dam rejects or does not take care of the puppies appropriately, then there will be an even greater demand on the owner to care for the puppies.

Prior to parturition/whelping, owners should be prepared to take complete care of the puppies if the dam does not.  This will include maintaining a warm, draft free environment, feeding an appropriate milk replacer, stimulating to urinate and defecate, along with a variety of other procedures to make sure the pups survive and thrive. 

Specifics of the care of your puppies should be discussed with one of the doctors.  This may include deworming/parasite control programs, when vaccinations should begin, and discussion of weaning procedures.  Any other concerns may also be discussed.